About Essenza

About Essenza Architecture

Essenza is an architecture firm based in Louisville, CO that specializes in eco-friendly, modern commercial design around the world.  We believe that beautiful design stems from an understanding of our clients needs, an exchange of ideas, as well as detailed follow through.  Twenty years of experience provide us with the design insight to bring this all together.  We're ready to create the home you've dreamed of, the spa you've longed for and the building that lets your employees breath the fresh air of opportunity.


Core Competencies

We believe that you don't have to sacrifice form for function.  It's not all about lines and curves; it's about the people.  It's about what's going to happen after the walls are in place, the roof is constructed and the windows are installed.  It's about who lives beyond our process and what it means to them.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Whether you are looking for cutting-edge green design or want the economic of sustainable design, we can guide you through the process.  We will review your options and provide payback analysis to help you determine what is best for your project.  It is our mission to make each design as ecological and economical as possible.

Design and Detailing

We practice integrated design that focuses on uniting architecture, interiors, engingeering and detailing together.  Lighting design, spatial relationships, circulation, and knowledgeable materials selection are all key components in our designs.


We listen to your specific needs, arrange design review sessions and help guide you through the process from your first meeting to the last day of construction.  We create the space with your ideas and vision in mind.  We're approachable, enthusiastic and are with you each step of the way.