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How Indoor Lighting Helps Craft Rec Facility Environments

July 2019

As lighting consultant and educator Thomas Farin notes, "Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form or texture." One could make the argument for adding "purpose" to that list. At the Eagle Pointe Recreation Center in Commerce City, Colo., different lighting approaches were strategically employed throughout to make each program area more conducive to a particular activity.

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Parker Racquet Club Progress

The Parker Racquet Club is well into the construction process. The process of construction is not instuntanious and is very much a journey that helps complete the design process and make the clients, designers, and contractors collective vision come to life.

Under Construction

The Parker Racquet Club is well underway in its construction. With the steel structure up the walls and roof are being installed. 

Under Construction

The Eagle Pointe Recreation Center is well into the construction process. The new therapy pool is being constructed along with the fitness areas and the new canopy that leads into the renovated loby space.

Parker Racquet Club

The first pieces of steel are up at the Parker Racquet Club site.