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Designing with Pre-Manufactured Metal Buildings (PEMB)

By Christa Plaza - June 7, 2020

Even though this is a common form of building construction, many architects, contractors, and owners have never been involved in a project that uses one. It may be that people think of them as unattractive or lacking character. However, because these buildings go up relatively quickly and require fewer sub-contractors on site. PEMB buildings can be a cost-effective solution for many projects.

PEMBs are an economical solution for structures for many reasons: 1) As mentioned above they go up relatively quickly. 2) Thick cavity walls and super saver insulation systems allow for a superior high performing envelope. 3) The number of trades is reduced, thus reducing overall shell costs, making it very economical to build. 4) Finally, the building code allows for the steel used in the buildings to be light and efficient. This may reduce the type of materials that can be used as finishes. However, that can be overcome with quality and creative architectural design.