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Eagle Pointe Recreation Center

The popular recreation center provides a wide variety of health, fitness, creative programs, activities and classes to the Commerce City community and underwent major renovations to most of the 67,000sf facility, including a 6,000sf addition. With the goal of design innovation while melding the existing and the new, Eagle Pointe Recreation Center was a design challenge.

Lighting Design & Electrical Engineering Design

Almost all areas were updated with new lighting, lighting controls, electrical, and technology changes. It was a puzzle to combine new lighting with old and continue the use of the building"s existing controls and power systems, but the end result is seamless. In addition to new lighting controls throughout the entire space that helped with occupancy and dimming, some fun RGB lighting and controls were incorporated in group exercise classes. The reception desk also included a master shut off for all lighting in the rec center anytime during the day, and an automatic shut off after closing.

Audio / Video Design

To accommodate a large list of owner requirements upgrading the technology designs, such as the large video wall in the cardio area, we coordinated closely between designers and recreation center management teams. Extra care during design and construction was required to integrate the new Audio / Video technology with the lighting. AE Design"s design goals for the Cardio Room revolved completely around the guest experience. In order to provide a customize able experience to guests, we calculated and specified a projector and emissive TV combination in the room, careful to match the brightness of the different displays. To give guests individual control, sound can be accessed via phone app digitally and privately accessing sound of each of the display screens. During group exercise activities, such as movie night utilizing the large projection screen, column array speakers can be utilized to help immerse the group. Overall, the project is not your typical recreation center. We made strategic upgrades, utilized lighting in creative ways, and selected fixtures, helping to highlight a unique gem for the community.

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