Adams County Parks South Maintenance

Adams County, Colorado

40,000SF total, 16,700SF addition, 12,750SF fleet yard improvements, facility renovation


Thornton, Colorado

The Adams Parks South Maintenance Building is undergoing an expansion and renovation to accommodate the grow- ing staff including the addition of District"s Adams County Rangers. The existing main building is being renovated to increase capacity, circulation and address structural issues. Located behind the main building, a new pre-engineered metal buiding will accommodate six doulble fleet maintenance bays, office and meeting space, and a fabrication and mechanical shop. The existing three-bay facility will be coverted into storage for the abundance of supplies distributed and used to maintain the South Parks region.

The 39-acre site will transition from a well and septic system to the City of Thornton public utilities. New landscaping along Riverdale Road and an expanded parking lot compliments the infrastructure improvements taking place through- out the entire Riverdal area. Securing the yard increases crime-prevention and expanding the square footage provides a better working environement and the ability to support the City Emergency Service Department.